Disciplinary Actions

The Council - ICAB has taken some disciplinary actions against its Members and Student on its meeting held on 04 June 2015. As per decision of the Council - ICAB, the summary of those disciplinary action is published in ICAB website on 08th July 2015 under bye-law 131(1) of ICAB Bye-Laws 2004.


Revised Schedule of CA Examination of MAY-JUNE 2015 Session

Important Notice on Examination



Alphabetical List of Members and Firms(Draft)

Alphabetical List of Members and Firms(Draft)


1. Alphabetical List of Members - View/Download

2. Alphabetical List of Firms - View/Download

Exam Routine : May-June 2015

Routine for Professional Examinations May-June: 2015



Class-Enrolment Professional Stage(Knowledge & Application Levels):November-December-2015.


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