Class Enrolment-AL(13th Batch) and AS(12th Batch):September-November-2016

Professional Stage - Application Level (13th Batch) and Advanced Stage(12th Batch)
Class Session: September 2016 - November 2016
Examination Session: November-December 2016



Result: Professional Examinations May-Jun 2016

Examination Result : May - June, 2016

1. Candidates Who Have Passed Knowledge Level

2. Candidates Who Have Passed Application Level

3. Result withheld Application Level

4. Candidates Who Have Passed Advanced Stage

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Alphabetical List of Firms 2016-2017(Draft)

Alphabetical List of Firms 2016-2017(Draft)

1. Alphabetical List of Firms - View/Download


Alphabetical List of Members(Draft)

Alphabetical List of Members(Draft)

1. Alphabetical List of Members - View/Download


Benevolent Fund

ICAB Employees Benevolent Fund


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