Vision, Mission & Values

ICAB's Vision

ICAB members hold a widely respected professional accounting qualification which supports enterprise, corporate governance and sustainable growth in the business environment.

ICAB's Mission Statement

* To promote and regulate high quality financial reporting and auditing in Bangladesh

* To develop and maintain the competence of professional accountants and

* To enhance the reputation of the accounting profession in all sectors of the economy.


* Integrity: To uphold the highest professional integrity and ethical standards.

* Expertise: To conduct professional responsibilities with a high level of knowledge, competency and skill.

* Transparency: To conduct activities in a clear and transparent way.

* Accountability: ICAB members to be responsible for their actions.


* Increase number of members, students and financial strength

* Align with members' careers

* Enhance ICAB's image within the country and internationally

* Further enhance the reputation for professionalism and high standards of integrity

* Ensure compliance with requirements of IFAC (International Federation of Accountants) membership


To accomplish its above mission, ICAB has been endeavoring to:

* Regulate the Accountancy Profession and matters connected therewith

* Administer its members and students

* Ensure professional ethics and code of conduct

* Provide specialized and professional training in Accounting, Auditing. Taxation, Corporate Laws, Management Consultancy, Information Technology and related subjects

* Impart Continuing Professional Development (CPD) to members

* Foster acceptance and observance of International Accounting Standards/ International Financial Reporting Standards (IAS/IFRS) and International Standards on Auditing /International Auditing Practices Standards (ISA/IAPS) and adopt the same in Bangladesh as Bangladesh Accounting Standards/ Bangladesh Financial Reporting Standards (BAS/BFRS) and Bangladesh Standards on Auditing/ Bangladesh Auditing Practices Standards (BSA/BAPS) respectively

* Keep abreast of the latest developments in Accounting techniques, Audit methodology, Information technology, Management consultancy and related fields and

* Liaise with international and regional organizations to strengthen mutual cooperation